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NC to vote on closing Dynamic Community Charter

The next two days could decide the fate of a struggling new charter school in Raleigh.

On Wednesday afternoon, a committee of the State Board of Education will discuss a recommendation from the Charter School Advisory Board to revoke the charter of Dynamic Community Charter School. The full board is scheduled to vote on the revocation Thursday.

While there’s no opportunity for public comment, a number of Dynamic parents and students are expected to attend the meetings to show their support for keeping the Raleigh charter school open. Dynamic is unique in being the only charter school in North Carolina focused on educating special-needs children.

But state education officials say that Dynamic has “grave operational, financial, and governance concerns” that warrant its closure at the end of the school year. State officials cite issues such as the school potentially finishing the school year with a financial deficit of more than $200.000.

Even if the State Board votes to revoke Dynamic’s charter, the school could go to court to contest the decision. Some charter schools have gone that route and successfully stayed open.