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Names approved for new schools in Cary, Morrisville and Raleigh

The Wake County school board approved names Tuesday for three new schools that will open in the next few years in Raleigh, Morrisville and Cary.

For two schools opening in 2019, the board voted to go with Alston Ridge Middle for a school in Cary and Parkside Elementary for a school in Morrisville. The board also voted to use Barton Pond Elementary for a school officially opening in northwest Raleigh in 2021.

Staff had suggested three names for each school that were reviewed in December by the board’s facilities committee. The board accepted the committee’s recommendations.

Alston Ridge Middle was picked because the school, previously referred to as M-16, is located close to Alston Ridge Elementary School. The other choices were Winding Pine because of the school’s location on Winding Pine Trail and Cartecay Drive, which would be one of the entrances for the west Cary school.

Parkside Elementary was picked because Parkside Valley Drive is one of the roads people will use to enter the school, previously referred to as E-50. The other choices were Research Triangle Park because of its proximity to RTP and Little Drive because the school is located on that road.

Although Parkside Elementary has a Morrisville mailing address, it’s actually in the jurisdiction of Research Triangle Park. One of the conditions when the school board bought the site from the Research Triangle Park Foundation of North Carolina was that Wake would consider mentioning the park in the school’s name.

Barton Pond was picked because there’s a pond on the school site, previously referred to as E-24, that eventually flows up into Barton Creek. The other choices were Strickland Road because the address is 12004 Strickland Road and Snipe Creek because the school is located by Hare Snipe Creek.

Barton Pond will officially open in 2021 after spending two years temporarily housing students first from Stough Elementary and later York Elementary while their campuses are renovated.