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Wake County to announce makeup days on Saturday

Wake County school officials say they will announce Saturday which two Saturdays will be used as makeup days to help cover the Feb. 25-27 snow days.

School officials had said Tuesday night that they’d soon announce which Saturday in April and which Saturday in May would be used to go along with Good Friday on April 3. But issues such as Friday’s two-hour delay have pushed the announcement back to Saturday.

The Saturday options, particularly in April, don’t look great for the school system.

April 4 would mean asking students to go to a full day of class right after Good Friday and right before Easter. That Saturday would also take place after Passover has begun on April 3.

April 11 would coincide with the final day of Passover.

April 18 is a national ACT test day.

May 2 is a national SAT test day.

May 23 would be the Saturday before Memorial Day.

The Saturdays of April 25, May 9, May 16 and May 30 could be less of an issue. Wake doesn‘t plan to use consecutive Saturdays.

Another variable is that only tracks 1, 3 and 4 of year-round schools missed time last week. Will Wake make track 2 students come in on makeup days? Will Wake require track 3 and 4 students to come in if Saturdays are chosen when they’re tracked out?

High school students may grumble about having class on Saturdays that conflict with work, athletics, prom and other extracurricular activities.