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Wake County thanked for spring break ‘compromise’

The organizer of a petition asking the Wake County school system to bring back spring break is praising the district’s “compromise” in promising to work with students and staff who can’t make it on those makeup days.

Erin Baker, a senior at Millbrook High School in Raleigh, had organized the petition, which now has more than 8,000 signatures, after Wake announced Saturday that traditional-calendar schools would hold makeup days on the first three days of spring break. While Wake will still cut into spring break, Baker wrote early Tuesday that the district’s guidance on not penalizing those who can’t attend “will help to ease the pressure of families with extenuating circumstances.”

Baker wrote that the efforts of those who signed the petition “caused a change, even if it wasn't the one we particularly wanted in the first place.”

“I truly can't thank everyone enough; it was your voice and the influence of social media that made all of this happen,” Baker writes. “The power we have when we come together to fight for a common cause is astounding.”

Wake County has also gotten thanks from other high school seniors for not counting any absences on those three makeup days for determining eligibility for senior exemptions from final exams.