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Raleigh principal who visits home of every student on NBC News

A Wake County school principal who visits the homes of all 1,000 of her students was profiled on Tuesday’s edition of the NBC Nightly News.

Elizabeth MacWilliams, the principal of Carroll Middle School in Raleigh, was featured on the newscast’s “Inspiring America” segment, where viewers “meet the remarkable people who are making a positive impact on our communities and making the world a little bit better.” NBC News visited Carroll earlier this month.

“Sometimes we mistake hardworking parents,” MacWilliams said as she explained to NBC why she visits the homes of students instead of relying on parents to come to the school. “We mistake their absence for a lack of interest, and I found that’s not the case.”

MacWilliams also received national attention in People Magazine’s “Human Interest” section in January.

Learn more about MacWilliams, who was profiled in a Feb. 9 N&O article.

MacWilliams said she visits the homes of all of her students because it helps her connect with parents and teachers on a deeper level, It’s something she has been doing since she was an elementary school teacher in Wilmington.

“When you establish a relationship with somebody at their homes, it deepens trust, their respect. It deepens their motivations on wanting to do right by the community,” MacWilliams said in the N&O article. “As many home visits as I have done, I’ve never left a home visit disappointed.”