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Teachers play role of students in parody video offering test advice

Teachers at Lacy Elementary School in Raleigh have produced a parody video showing strategies that students can use for taking the upcoming state end-of-grade exams.

The video, posted Thursday on YouTube, has Lacy teachers playing the role of students taking the exams with Candace Watson, the school’s principal, acting as the proctor. Teachers show students what they should and shouldn’t do during the tests.

For instance, don’t spill your snacks on the floor during exam breaks or yell out during the tests even if it’s a “tension breaker.”.

For the reading exam, students should eliminate obviously wrong answers, annotate, read questions first and look for context clues.

For the math test, students can use CUBES, which stands for Circle important numbers, Underline the question, Box math action words, Eliminate unnecessary information and Solve and check.

The successful ‘students” walk out of the classroom doing fist pumps and saying things like “yes,” “got it” and “nailed it.”

“Most of the strategies depicted in this brief film should be used during the real EOG while others were fun and not to be repeated,” JeLynn Crane, Lacy’s assistant principal says during the video. “This announcement was brought to you by your Lacy teachers.”

The video comes as elementary and middle school students across the Wake County school system and North Carolina prepare to take the important end-of-grade exams in reading, math and science.