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Wake County covering substitute teacher costs next week

The Wake County school system will foot the bill for the hundreds of teachers who will need to find substitutes next week to cover their classes on makeup days that were originally part of spring break.

Typically, teachers are required to pay $50 to help offset the cost of hiring a sub whenever they’re out on a school day. Wake is footing the bill as part of its efforts to provide “maximum flexibility” for students and staff who can’t alter plans made before the decision to schedule makeup days on March 23-25 for traditional-calendar schools.

As of Friday afternoon, school officials said 1,512 of the district’s 10,000 teachers have indicated they’ll be out Monday. But not all those 1,512 are classroom teachers who would require a substitute.

Schools have been planning for the past two weeks how to cover for all the teacher absences next week.

“Students may be grouped differently,” said Cathy Moore, deputy superintendent for school performance. “They may have subs, but instruction will continue. We will have a lot of kids in schools.”

Moore said parents shouldn’t worry about their kids having substitutes. Teachers who will be out next week were required to submit lesson plans for the subs to use.

“We have many very qualified substitutes who are comfortable providing instruction,” Moore said.

In other cases, some classes might be combined so they’ll have a regular teacher supervising the students.