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High school seniors return to their old elementary schools to give advice

Some Wake County high school seniors, dressed in their graduation caps and gowns, came back to their former elementary schools to offer advice to the younger students.

In a video posted Thursday on YouTube, some seniors from Athens Drive High School in Raleigh returned to Combs Elementary School and some seniors at Wakefield High School in Raleigh came back to Wakefield Elemenary School. The seniors talked about what life is like in high school and the things they know now which they wish they knew when they were younger.

“It’s crazy being here at my old elementary school,” said one senior. “It makes me think that wow, I’ve come a long, long way.”

The elementary students asked the seniors questions such as what’s it like to drive a car, do they have recess outside, how much homework do they have, do they have a girlfriend and what do they want to be when they grow up.

The seniors let the elementary students put on their caps, giving them a taste of what to look forward to in the future.

“Honestly, I’m only seven years away from going off to college,” an elementary student told a senior. “So if I think about it hard enough, I’ve already lived most of my life so honestly I don’t have that far away.”

“You have a long way to go,” the senior laughed as she responded.

The seniors had plenty of advice, such as be yourself, take school work seriously but don’t stress out about it, hard work does pay off and go out and explore different things.

“I remember being in your shoes in fifth grade, being ready to go off to middle school and it feels like just yesterday,” a senior told a student. “Now I’m about to go off to bigger and better places, which is crazy because I feel like I should still be in elementary school but it came quick.

“But I’m very excited for my future and what I’m going to end up doing.”