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Wake County cuts mention of June school waiting lists

The Wake County school system’s website was hastily scrubbed Tuesday of references to school waiting lists being dissolved in June since they’ll now be discontinued Thursday.

At the start of the magnet application period in January and the early transfer application period in February, families were told that waiting lists would be processed twice – in April and June. After the second processing in June, the waiting lists would be dissolved then.

The first processing, as usual, took place April 6. But school administrators decided this month to move up the second processing date to Thursday, at which point anyone who isn’t placed then will be out of luck as the lists will be disbanded.

Until it was pointed out to district officials Tuesday. multiple locations on Wake’s website such as the assignment FAQ and the magnet school program page were still listing that waiting lists would be dissolved in June.

Administrators say moving up the processing of the waiting lists will let both parents and schools know sooner about student enrollment for the fall. It’s also supposed to now let families know the situation before the final transfer application period starts Friday.

But considering how administrators plan to recommend that only hardship cases be approved during the May transfer period, families could be out of luck if they don’t get good news Thursday.

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