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Possible Wake County school calendar conversions on table

The Wake County school board’s facilities committee will talk Wednesday about possible school calendar conversions and major renovation projects that could be added to the next bond issue.

Staff will present “potential school list for overcrowded and under-utilized schools discussion.” What that means is staff will identify schools that might face calendar changes or the addition of classroom trailers due to their crowding levels.

For instance, some overcrowded traditional-calendar schools might be in line for conversion to the multi-track year-round calendar or for additional trailers. Some under-utilized year-round schools might be in line for conversion to single-track year-round or to the traditional calendar.

Staff won’t actually make recommendations Wednesday. But they’ll identify schools which are on the table for further review, including having community meetings and online forums, before a recommendation is made.

A recommendation on changes, which would go into effect for the 2016-17 school year, would likely be made in June.

Work on a possible 2016 school construction bond issue will proceed Wednesday when staff discusses renovation projects that might be included in the next capital improvement program. Wake has to include the schools that got planning money in the 2013 bond for renovations and Vandora Springs Elementary School, whose funding will be removed from the 2013 bond list to help pay for higher costs in other projects.

Staff will also discuss the schematic design for the renovation of Garner High School.