Wake Ed

Selfie-related wording dropped from Wake County policy

The Wake County school system is taking another look Tuesday at updating its policy on student use of technology, but this time it’s minus any wording that could be construed as banning students from taking selfies.

The revised policy the school board’s policy committee had looked at in November said that “students are prohibited from taking pictures or videos with any device unless directed by a teacher.” Board members immediately raised a red flag that the wording covered selfies, prompting staff to say they’d talk to the attorney who drafted the wording.

That wording about pictures or videos is no longer part of the policy the committee will review Tuesday.

This new version of the policy does have some additional material, including saying “the superintendent may use any means available to request the removal of personal websites that substantially disrupt the school environment or that utilize school system or individual school names, logos, or trademarks without permission.”

School administrators have said the technology use policy needs to be updated to reflect how much things have changed since it was last revised in 2010. For instance, Wake now is encouraging students to bring their own electronic devices to school for use in classrooms.

Other items on the committee’s agenda Tuesday include reviewing policies dealing with bullying, harassment and non-discrimination. The policies are being reviewed because Wake is migrating its current policies to the format used by the N.C. School Boards Association.