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Wake County PTA backs $48.3 million school funding increase

The Wake County PTA Council will urge county commissioners on Monday to fully fund the school board’s request for a $48.3 million increase in local funding.

During Monday afternoon’s budget public hearing, Wake PTA President Gary Lewis and several Wake PTA board members will present the group’s position statement on the funding increase. The PTA position statement cites how $27.3 million of the $48.3 million increase would go toward teacher, support staff and extra-duty pay raises “to ensure outstanding academic achievement for all students.”

The Wake PTA Council is also urging its members to get individual school PTAs involved in the lobbying efforts for the school budget.

“We hope that you will encourage your PTA unit to advocate on behalf of your school community via communication with your families and/or directly with the leaders of Wake County,” the Wake PTA says on its website.

WakeUP Wake County has also been urging people to lobby the Wake County Board of Commissioners to go beyond the $34.6 million school funding increase proposed by County Manager Jim Hartmann.