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Raleigh elementary school could be named Anderson Point

A new east Raleigh elementary school could now be named after the community it’s located in instead of the road it will be built on.

The Wake County school board gave tentative approval Tuesday to use Anderson Point as the name for a Raleigh school that will be located on 201 E. Rogers Lane. The board’s facilities committee had recommend using Rogers Lane as the school’s name over the other two choices of Anderson Point and Crabtree Creek.

The school is located in the area known as Anderson Point, where Crabtree Creek comes together with the Neuse River. A city park named Anderson Point is near there along with some small neighborhoods that carry the Anderson Point name.

School board member Keith Sutton suggested Tuesday using Anderson Point because the name might provide more of an idea where the school is located. He said the name could possibly give it a community feel.

Sutton also said that because there’s not a subdivision specifically named Anderson Point there’s less concern about it being used for a school name. Some board members are leery of naming schools after large subdivisions because all the families there may expect to attend when it may not be possible.

Other board members agreed to the switch to Anderson Point in a thumbs-up vote during the work session.

Under school board policy, schools can be named after individuals or in accordance with geographic location, such as roads, streets, natural sites or historical features.

The board backed the facilities committee’s recommendations for names for four other schools:

▪ Poole Road Elementary for a school at 6120 Poole Road in Raleigh. The other choices were Briarhopper and Riverview.

▪ Hortons Creek Elementary for a school at 2374 Yates Store Road in Cary. The other options were Amberly and O’Kelly Chapel. The school can be reached from O’Kelly Chapel Road or Hortons Creek Road.

▪ Pleasant Grove Elementary for a school at 5751 Comstock Road in Cary. The other choices were Comstock and Brier Ridge. The school is off Pleasant Grove Church.

▪ Apex Friendship Middle for a school at 7901 Humie Olive Road in Apex. The other choices were Beaver Creek and Humie Olive Road. The school is near Apex Friendship High School, which is named for the historic Friendship community.

The official board vote on the names of the five schools will be on July 21.