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Wake County school board to discuss grading policy

How the Wake County school system grades and evaluate students will be discussed Tuesday by the school board’s policy committee.

The committee will discuss a new evaluation of student progress policy to replace the old grading poilcy that’s now on the books. The policy includes wording such as saying evaluation practices “are not be punitive in nature” and provide “a system of notice that allows intervention strategies to be implemented if necessary to improve the student's performance.”

Wake had modified the grading policy 2014 to stress that grading should not be punitive and practicies should be implemented to help students recover from poor marks. The R&P adopted to go with the policy changes included things such as:

▪ Prohibit teachers from using grading practices that make it difficult to recover from isolated acts of non-compliance;

▪ Direct schools to develop plans for allowing students to make up missed work for credit;

▪ Develop a prevention system for students at risk of academic failure.

Wake was trying to balance developing a system to help students pass their classes without mandating that schools do exactly exactly the same thing with grading.

Other policies on Tuesday’s agenda include those dealing with compensation of school board members, election of board officers, creation of board committees and the duties of the board advisory councils. Much of the wording is being left alone as Wake migrates its polices to match those used by the North Carolina School Boards Association.