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Commissioner tweets on bathroom challenges for NC teachers

The challenge teachers face finding time to use the bathroom because they don’t have enough classroom support was a repeated theme Friday in Wake County Commissioner Jessica Holmes’ tweets about being a teacher assistant for a day.

Holmes is among the Democratic politicians who have been volunteering at schools, using the #1dayTA hashtag, to protest potential cuts by the Republican-led General Assembly in funding for teacher assistants. While at Baucom Elementary School in Apex on Friday, Holmes tweeted several times about how the lack of teacher assistants to watch the classrooms means teachers have to plan their bathroom breaks carefully.

“Teacher ‘I ask colleagues 2 watch my class so I can use the bathroom or I line them up outside bathroom if I don't have a choice’ #1dayTA,” Holmes tweeted.

“’We try to train our bladders.’ Teachers can't leave their classrooms so they hold it. Are waiting on #ncga to use bathroom #1DayTA #NC,” Holmes tweeted.

“Just watched a teacher hurry down the hallway 2 go 2 the bathroom quickly b/c she has no TA. #1dayTA #CommissionerTA #ncteachers #ncga #nc,” Holmes tweeted

“In middle of a spelling quiz Realize I haven't been to the bathroom all day Teacher can't go so I won't go #1DayTA,” Holmes tweeted.

Bladder control is also something that could benefit Wake County commissioners. In 2009, Republicans took advantage of an unexcused bathroom break by Democratic Commissioner Betty Lou Ward to elect a GOP chairman of the board.

The rest of Holmes’ tweets on Friday ranged from observations of what it’s like to work with students to complaining about lack of state funding. Holmes is an attorney with the N.C. Association of Educators.

“As they pledge allegiance to the flag, we should pledge to provide them w/ the resources they deserve. #1DayTA #ncga,” Holmes tweeted.