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Wake County taking requests for alternate school bus stops

The Wake County school system is now taking requests for parents of traditional-calendar students for alternate bus stops and bus service for transfer students.

Alternate stop requests are made by families who want their children picked up in the morning from a before-school program or taken in the afternoon to an after-school program. It’s called an alternate stop because families want bus service to and from a stop that’s not their home address.

Go to http://webarchive.wcpss.net/parents/transportation/change-bus-stop/ to request an alternate bus stop.

It’s now also possible for transfer students to request bus service. These families are told they won’t receive bus service when they receive a transfer request to go to a school different from the one assigned to their address.

Last school year, staff approved about 10 percent of the 5,000 requests for bus service made by transfer students, who are called ineligible riders. The requests are supposed to be approved if there’s room on a bus and it wouldn’t require creating a new bus stop to accommodate the transfer student.

Go to http://webarchive.wcpss.net/parents/transportation/transportation-ineligible/ to request bus service for ineligible bus riders.

Wake makes traditional-calendar families wait 20 school days before the requests could be made. Students at modified and year-round schools had similar waits of 20 school days before they could make requests.

Staff had proposed in June extending the waiting period for students on all calendars to Oct. 12, the 35th-day of traditional-calendar schools. The idea was shot down after school board members complained that it would mean that year-round and modified students who start in July would have to wait several months.