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Wake County high school students tweet for early dismissal

Students at Green Hope and Panther Creek high schools in Cary unsuccessfully pleaded on social media – at times hysterically and melodramatically – for school to close early Thursday because their campuses were without power.

Construction equipment knocked down power lines at a site on Carpenter Fire Station Road around 9:13 a.m., taking out service to about 2,300 customers, including four Wake County schools. Most schools got their power back by noon with Carpenter Elementary School still waiting until around 1:30 p.m.

While power was out, Green Hope and Panther Creek students took to the Wake County school system’s Twitter account to ask for an early release. It’s similar to how students have gone to Twitter whenever there is bad weather to ask for schools to be closed, delayed or released early.

Here are some of the tweets that students made.

Some students had a sense of humor about being in the dark.

Many of the tweets fit into one or more themes. Some students contended it was unsafe to remain in school.

Some students used words like prisoner and trapped to describe being stuck on campus without power.

Several students tweeted about being scared of the dark.

Without power, some students complained about the temperature rising in their classrooms.

As the power outage went on, students complained about their phones running out of juice and how they were eating into their data plans with the school Wi-Fi networks down.

Some tweeted that it was Wake’s fault if they went over their data limit and had to pay overage charges.

The power outage also delayed the start of lunch so alternative plans had to be made. Students complained about being hungry and in the dark.

Some Panther Creek students tweeted their frustration using the #FreePC hashtag, comparing their situation to that of North Korean prisoners.