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Wake County school system to spotlight 40 students

The Wake County school board will honor 40 students with Spotlight on Students awards at a special meeting Tuesday.

By the end of the school year, one student at every Wake school will be recognized for his or her outstanding achievements and accomplishments. In recent years, the school board has held the Spotlight on Students ceremonies at special recognition meetings instead of at regular action meetings.

A group of 21 students will be honored at 5:30 p.m. in the school board meeting room at 5625 Dillard Drive in Cary. Those students are:

▪ Charles Carter III, a 5th-grade student at Adams Elementary School in Cary;

▪ Tahir Qudwa, a 5th-grade student at Ballentine Elementary School in Fuquay-Varina;

▪ Emma Grace Dranttel, a 5th-grade student at Banks Road Elementary School near Fuquay-Varina;

▪ Sienna Ochoa, a 5th-grade student at Barwell Elementary School in Raleigh;

▪ Magali Juanico-Cristobal, a 5th-grade student at Carpenter Elementary School in Cary;

▪ Jayleen Batista, a 5th-grade student at Creech Road Elementary School in Garner;

▪ Ross Palmer, a 4th-grade student at Durant Road Elementary School in Raleigh;

▪ Tuyet Rocham, a 5th-grade student at East Garner Elementary School in Garner;

▪ Esbeyde Rivera Ramirez, a 5th-grade student at Forest Pines Elementary School in Raleigh;

▪ Makylah Harper-Massey, a 5th-grade student at Herbert Akins Elementary School in Fuquay-Varina;

▪ Anna Briscoe, a 5th-grade student at Heritage Elementary School in Wake Forest;

▪ Evan Petko, a 5th-grade student at Holly Springs Elementary School;

▪ Orlando Contreras Ayala, a 5th-grade student at Joyner Elementary School in Raleigh;

▪ Andrea Cano Moreno, a 4th-grade student at Knightdale Elementary School;

▪ Angeli J. Cardoza, a 5th-grade student at Lincoln Heights Elementary School in Fuquay-Varina;

▪ Teaghan McNeil, a 5th-grade student at Lockhart Elementary School in Knightdale;

▪ Lauren Sanchez, a 5th-grade student at Morrisville Elementary School;

▪ Anna Shakinovsky, a 5th-grade student at Oak Grove Elementary School in Cary;

▪ Mauricio Benitez, a 5th-grade student at Partnership Elementary School in Raleigh;

▪ Manning Lasso, a 5th-grade student at Root Elementary School in Raleigh;

▪ Solbi Ji, a 4th-grade student at Stough Elementary School in Raleigh.

After the ceremony and some time to let the 5:30 p.m. students and their guests leave the board room, a second ceremony will be held at 6:30 p.m. to honor 19 more students. Those students are:

▪ Ashley Coan; a 5th-grade student at Lynn Road Elementary School in Raleigh;

▪ Owen Chitester, a 5th-grade student at Penny Road Elementary School in Cary;

▪ Shem Muigai; a 5th-grade student at Reedy Creek Elementary School in Cary;

▪ David Umeh, a 5th-grade student at Washington Elementary School in Raleigh;

▪ Tekie Griffin, a 4th-grade student at Wildwood Forest Elementary School in Raleigh;

▪ Josahandy Avila, a 5th-grade student at Wiley Elementary School in Raleigh;

▪ Jazmyne Lazer, a 4th-grade student at Yates Mill Elementary School in Raleigh;

▪ Joselyn Ramirez-Hernandez, a 5th-grade student at Zebulon Elementary School;

▪ Paige Strickland, a 7th-grade student at Durant Road Middle School in Raleigh;

▪ Emma Steude, an 8th-grade student at East Cary Middle School in Cary;

▪ Emily Chmelewski, a 7th-grade student at East Garner Middle School in Garner;

▪ Kodee Ethridge, an 8th-grade student at East Wake Middle School near Knightdale;

▪ Valeria Roach, an 8th-grade student at Lufkin Road Middle School in Apex;

▪ Ashlyn Paige Barbee, a senior at East Wake High School in Wendell;

▪ Aida Al-Akhdar, a senior at Panther Creek High School in Cary;

▪ Nathaniel Bettinghaus, a senior at Rolesville High School;

▪ Juan Duran, a senior at Wake STEM Early College in Raleigh;

▪ Fahim Pavel, a 7th-grade student at Wake Young Men’s Leadership Academy in Raleigh;

▪ Kyla Hope Dyer, a sophomore at Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy in Raleigh.