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Wake County to make recommendations on school calendar conversions

Parents and staff at 12 Wake County high-poverty, lower-performing elementary schools will find out Monday if they’re being recommended for a switch to the year-round calendar this summer.

School administrators will present at Monday’s student achievement committee meeting their recommendations on potential calendar changes for any of all of the 12 schools in the Elementary Support Model program. Nine of the 12 schools now use a traditional calendar.

The potential switch to a single-track year-round calendar would be done for academic reasons and not for capacity reasons as used in the past at the multi-track year-round schools.

During the three-week intersession breaks, students at the ESM schools would receive extra instruction instead of having to wait until summer school as on a traditional calendar. Also, a year-round calendar is also supposed to reduce summer learning loss by shortening the summer break.

But the potential switch is opposed by a vocal contingent of parents and some teachers at those schools. Families have issues such as childcare costs and the potential to have siblings on schools with different calendars.

Depending on the recommendation, it could lead to the largest conversion of traditional-calendar schools to the year-round calendar since 2007.

Also on Monday, staff will give an update on implementation of the Multi-Tiered System of Support model at schools.