Wake Ed

Wake County schools consider protections for gay employees

Wake County could add sexual orientation to the list of categories that would be protected from employment discrimination in North Carolina’s largest school system.

The agenda for Tuesday’s meeting of the Wake County school board’s policy committee includes revisions to the policy on recruitment and selection of personnel. One change says that Wake will provide equal employment opportunities and employment benefits “without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, military affiliation, genetic information, sex, age, sexual orientation, or disability.”

The listing of military affiliation, genetic information and sexual orientation are new to Wake’s policy. The change would officially add protections for the school system’s gay employees.

The Wake County Board of Commissioners passed similar changes to its employment policy in September, But unlike the school board, commissioners went further and also barred employment discrimination based on gender identity or expression.

Also on Tuesday, the committee will review policies dealing with:

▪ Board members participating at meetings remotely, such as through conference calls;

▪ Parliamentary procedures at board meetings;

▪ Determining quorums at board meetings;

▪ Voting methods at board meetings;

▪ Use of board resolutions at meetings.