Wake Ed

Wake County school board to discuss new state election maps

The Wake County school board will discuss Tuesday the impact that the General Assembly’s new maps will have on school board representation and on board advisory councils.

The agenda for Tuesday’s work session includes a look at how the state’s new boundaries will impact which schools are located in each member’s district. The meeting comes a few days after a federal judge upheld the lines and dismissed the lawsuit that challenged their constitutionality.

The new school board districts are not as compact or as contiguous as the old lines. This means that some historical feeder patterns are longer covered by the same district.

As this recent letter to the editor notes, Lacy Elementary, Daniels Middle and Broughton High are no longer in the same district in the new maps.

Staff wants the board’s guidance on how, given the new maps, to construct the board advisory councils that give advice to each board member.

Also on Tuesday, the board will discuss the proposal to change the start times this fall for six schools.

During the regular meeting, the board will hear how staff plans to use $175.000 to do a curriculum review at 20+ schools. The audit would help develop recommendations for developing and procuring future curriculum.