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Technical issues delay release of Wake County application results

The Wake County school system is citing technical problems with the reason why families are waiting until Friday to find out the results of their applications for early transfers and calendar-option schools.

The results were originally scheduled to be released at 4 p.m. Tuesday before being pushed back to 4 p.m. Wednesday. But on Wednesday, Wake posted that the results would now be available by the end of the week.

Lisa Luten, a Wake County school spokeswoman, said that a staff audit determined that not all of the available seats were being filled. She said the process is being done again to seat as many students as possible.

All the early transfers are supposed to be guaranteed because only certain types of requests could be made, such as families who were reassigned but who are eligible for grandfathering.

But the calendar requests are not guaranteed.

Luten explained that Wake had switched this year to a new software provider, Smart Choice Technologies, to handle the application process for magnet schools, application schools, transfers and calendar options.

Previously, Wake had used software from the Alves Educational Consultants Group to handle the application process.