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Editing job that the N&O won’t need for awhile

Politico, the politics news web site, has a story about the Denver Post announcing the hire of its new marijuana editor.

Ricardo Baca, who had been entertainment editor and music critic at the Post, got the job.

What prompted the Post to create the position is the upcoming legalization of recreational marijuana sales in Colorado. It has been big business in Colorado and it is about to get much bigger.

According to the Politico report, the Post will also be hiring “a freelance pot critic and a freelance pot advice columnist.”

I read a Q&A with Baca that was published in the Post. I liked this comment from him:

“Best of all, the staff wants to be involved because we’re all professional journalists and this behemoth of a story is the real deal.”

Hah. Yeah, they want to be involved.

Anyway, it will probably be interesting to see who applies for the freelance jobs. It will require putting together a resume and remembering to send it in to Baca. That will screen out a lot of candidates.

I don’t see us having to create this position at the N&O for, oh, 75,000 years, my estimate of how long it would take for a North Carolina legislature to legalize weed sales and a governor to sign the bill.

Which is not to say that there isn’t a lot of recreational ganja being illegally sold and smoked here.