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A long 15 years for the Nasdaq

The Nasdaq is approaching 5,000. On Tuesday, the tech-heavy index finished at 4968.12.

It has taken around 15 years for the Nasdaq to climb back from the dot-com crash. That's not as long as it took the Dow to recover from the '29 crash (1954, 25 years later. I was a year old when the Dow came back to its September 1929 peak.)

But it still feels like a long time since the March 10, 2000 closing high, when the Nasdaq finished the day at 5,048.62.

How long ago? On March 10, 2000, Intel was riding high because Microsoft had just selected its chips for the new X-box video game system, which was still nearly 18 months away from coming to stores.

Dan Marino, legendary quarterback of the Miami Dolphins, was announcing his retirement. Dale Earnhardt Jr., in his first full season as a Winston Cup driver, was coming off a pretty good race at Las Vegas, finishing two spots behind his father, who would win the following weekend in Atlanta.

In the Balkans, Serbia was stirring up trouble with Kosovo. (A reminder that all things pass, and maybe in 15 years we will not have to worry about the Ukraine.)

Closer to home, folks were talking about the census numbers that showed Wake County now had 600,000 residents.

So one way to look at the Nasdaq's journey is that in the years since it peaked in 2000, the county has added 400,000 citizens, with the 1 millionth arriving last August at WakeMed.

Like the Nasdaq numbers, you can look it up.