High school football player saves mom, child trapped inside car from Texas floodwaters

Playing athletics as a youth, one of the principles of being a good teammate is putting others before yourself. Jayden Payne, a high school football player, did just that on Thursday, when he saved a mother and her daughter from floodwaters as Tropical Depression Imelda hit Texas.

The Aldine High School junior tight end told radio station KMJQ that he saw a BMW SUV drive into a ditch in Houston when he decided to step in and help.

“I hurried up, threw my jacket off, I threw my shirt off,” Payne told the station. “I ran over there across in front of all the cars. I didn’t care if all the cars stopped or not because I was more worried about their safety than my safety.

“I feel like I did something great,” he continued. “I had to make sure two of God’s children didn’t die at an early age.”

With the help of others, Payne “grabbed the woman and her child and pushed them out of the bayou against a strong current,” according to the Houston Chronicle.

The team posted a photo of the scene on Twitter and praised Payne for jumping into action when he saw someone in need.

“We are very proud of Jayden, and his heroic act that helped save 2 lives today,” the team posted to its Twitter account. “Jayden Payne is a young man who truly understands what it means to be a ‘no excuses’ person in a ‘not my fault’ society!”

Tyler Carter, a Real-Time reporter based out of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, is an avid lover of media, fitness, sports and telling impactful stories. Previously, he served as a trending/breaking news/crime reporter for and The Mississippi Press.