Left out of Senate debate, Libertarian candidate will deliver pizzas instead

U.S. Senate candidates Deborah Ross and Richard Burr will debate for the first and only time Thursday night, but the other candidate in the race won’t be there: Sean Haugh, the Libertarian from Durham.

Haugh was not invited to participate in the debate, which is sponsored by the N.C. Association of Broadcasters. When Haugh ran for Senate in 2014, he was allowed to participate in one of the three debates (and he memorably wore a tie featuring images of cats).

Haugh tweeted a video he posted back in 2014 when he wasn’t invited to several of the debates, saying the video reflects his reaction again this year.

“This is coming from my Democratic and Republican opponents who are totally afraid to face me or the voters,” Haugh says in the video. “They’re not really talking to you tonight, they’re auditioning for the political class and their corporate special interest buddies. Like most of you, I’m not going to pay attention to this snooze fest tonight.”

Haugh said on Twitter that he’ll instead be busy working Thursday night:

One Libertarian, however, will get some TV debate time this election cycle: Lon Cecil, the party’s candidate for governor, has been invited to the WRAL debate next week.