NC delegate on Trump: ‘I’m a Christian conservative, and he’s neither’

Jeff Lominac
Jeff Lominac

Ever since Jeff Lominac met Ted Cruz in North Carolina last year, he’s been a fan of the Texas senator, even signing on as a state coordinator for this year’s primary.

So when Donald Trump started bashing “Lyin’ Ted,” insulting his wife and suggesting that his father was involved in President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, Lominac didn’t like it.

“I took a lot of that stuff personal,” says Lominac, a businessman from Conover.

Lominac, a delegate to the Republican convention in Cleveland, has had a hard time warming up to the presumptive nominee.

“First and foremost, I’m a Christian conservative, and he’s neither,” says Lominac, 56. “There were 17 people running in the primary, and he would be my 17th choice.”

Lominac, a freight broker attending his first convention, has been open to efforts to find a different nominee. He’s listened in on conference calls organized by people who want to free delegates from supporting the candidates who won their state’s primaries. He’d like to see somebody else nominated (“That would be my hope”), but doesn’t think it will happen.

Cruz reminds him of the late Sen. Jesse Helms, whom he admired and supported. Trump, not so much.

“He needs to quit pickin’ fights, especially within the Republican Party,” Lominac says. “He needs to go back and mend fences. He needs to learn to choose his words better. He’s running for president of the United States. He’s not putting a deal together.”

However reluctantly, Lominac expects to come around and support Trump in November.

“I would vote for him any day over Hillary Clinton,” he says.

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