Under the Dome

Environmentalists counter gas, oil industry fracking campaign in NC

The fracking ad wars continue.

Earlier this week the American Petroleum Institute bought radio ads in the state promoting fracking and defending a handful of pro-fracking legislators who are up for re-election this year.

On Friday, the N.C. Environmental Partnership, which aired the original series of “Fracking Crew” ads targeting lawmakers earlier this year, answered the API ads with a new campaign.

The environmentalists’ radio spot features a man and woman reacting to the AIP ad.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” the man says. “That commercial by the big oil companies – Exxon, Mobile, BP, Halliburton — defending the General Assembly for voting to fast track fracking. Give me a break.”

“Yeah, right. Exxon and BP – the guys responsible for the worst oils spills in history — telling us fracking will be safe,” the woman says. “I don’t think I trust them. How about you?

The ad urges listeners to contact the state Mining and Energy Commission by its Sept. 30 deadline for public comments on proposed rules regulating hydraulic fracturing for natural gas in North Carolina.

The ad will run for at least a week targeting the same markets as the API radio spot, which includes the Triangle.