Under the Dome

Ellmers vs. Aiken: the money

Democratic challenger Clay Aiken raised more money from July through September than incumbent Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers, but she had more money in hand to spend in the final weeks of the 2nd Congressional District campaign, according to FEC reports.

Aiken, who rose to fame on “American Idol,” raised about $355,000 in the third quarter, with about $340,000 coming from individual donors. He raised about $1 million for the campaign, including a loan of about $76,000.

Ellmers, who is seeking a third term, raised $280,000 in the third quarter – about $94,000 from individuals and $186,000 from PACs. Ellmers raised $1.6 million for the campaign.

She had more than $513,000 in hand Sept. 30, while Aiken reported having about $ 340,000.