Under the Dome

NC residents respond to fake questions about the November election

“Do you think Dale Jr.’s decision to drive his NASCAR around the campaign trail is hurting his chances?”

Some people, it seems, aren’t aware that Dale Earnhardt Jr. is not running for elected office, nor has his car left the racetrack.

Crowdpac, a website that helps voters research candidates, found plenty of North Carolinians willing to give serious thought to that fake question. The site posted a video this week showing a variety of responses to campaign developments that never happened.

Among the other questions: Do you feel it was a mistake for Clay Aiken to sing during his debate? How did you feel when you heard Zach Galifianakis is taking a break from acting to run for Senate?

The interviewer’s conclusion: “Clearly, the Tar Heel voters are a little too willing to be fed their politics?”

See the responses in the video below. Also worth noting: The interviews appear to be filmed in Charlotte.