Under the Dome

NC Rep. Gary Pendleton’s campaign draws sign complaint

Gary Pendleton’s N.C. House campaign is updating its signs after a Democratic activist filed a formal complaint that the “paid for by” disclaimers were too small.

Greg Flynn submitted the complaint Thursday, including photos of the signs and measurements of the text identifying the group responsible, which is known as a “legend” in campaign finance laws. In printed materials – from postcards to roadside signs – North Carolina requires the disclaimer to take up at least 5 percent of the printed space.

“I would ask that these 12 and all such signs located in and around Raleigh and House District 49 be accounted for and removed, and appropriate penalties imposed,” Flynn wrote.

A spokeswoman for Pendleton’s campaign said she’s been made aware of the size problem, and volunteers are updating the signs with larger text.

Pendleton, a Republican and former Wake County Commissioner, faces Democrat Kim Hanchette in the November election. He was appointed this summer to the House seat vacated by Rep. Jim Fulghum.

Many of Pendleton’s signs along roads are larger than the standard-issue yard signs lining streets ahead of the election.