Under the Dome

NC Senate candidate Molotov Mitchell ties opponent to John Edwards

N.C. Senate candidate Molotov Mitchell is putting a familiar face in his campaign literature: former U.S. Sen. and presidential candidate John Edwards.

Mitchell sent an email to supporters last week featuring a photo captioned “disgraced former Sen. John Edwards.” The email also encourages supporters to call Stein, listing his cell phone number.

“What does John Edwards have to do with my campaign?” Mitchell wrote. “Well, my opponent Josh Stein was his campaign manager! How about that?”

Stein, the incumbent Democrat in District 16, did manage Edwards’ campaign – but not the failed 2008 campaign in which Edwards had an affair with a videographer. Stein worked for Edwards a decade earlier, when he was a successful lawyer making his first bid for U.S. Senate.

From a 1998 Dome post when Stein got the job:

“This will be the first campaign that Stein has managed. He met Edwards through his father, Adam Stein, a noted civil rights and plaintiffs attorney, who is an Edwards friend. ... He was working for the Self-Help Credit Union in Durham as a real estate developer before joining the Edwards campaign.”

When Edwards found himself in hot water, Stein was working as a deputy attorney general at the N.C. Department of Justice.