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Conservative group: If you like getting high, vote Sean Haugh

This post has been corrected. It originally said the American Future Fund was supported by Charles and David Koch.

A series of 10 YouTube commercials appeared this week supporting Sean Haugh, but they weren’t produced or funded by the libertarian Senate candidate.

The American Future Fund posted the videos urging voters who support “more weed, less war” to cast a ballot for Haugh instead of Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan.

The natonal conservative group received funding during the 2012 election season from the David and Charles Koch and other conservatives. But the Washington Post recently reported that the Kochs no longer funds the group and had nothing to do with the pro-Haugh campaign. The Post cited James Davis, spokesman for Freedom Partners, the main financial arm of the Koch network, as its source.

“Freedom Partners has not given American Future Fund any grants in the last two years and has no involvement with their current campaign in North Carolina,” Davis said in a statement to the newspaper.

One video features a group of young adults chanting the slogan “get Haugh, get high.” Haugh supports the legalization of marijuana. Others tout his support for pulling American troops out of foreign wars and cleaning up the environment.

“Kay Hagan doesn’t support any of this,” notes a young woman in an earth-tone flannel shirt.

Haugh posted a statement about the ads on his Facebook page Wednesday morning.

“These ads came as a complete surprise to me,” he wrote. “The source makes the intent obvious. I’ve never spoken with AFF. I’m happy when anyone promotes my message accurately and tells anyone why they should vote Libertarian.”

The Haugh campaign’s videos are far less slick, generally featuring the candidate casually addressing the camera while sipping a craft beer at a kitchen counter.

Here’s one of the American Future Fund commercials: