Under the Dome

NC Senate candidate Molotov Mitchell ‘not disheartened’ by loss

Republican State Senate candidate Molotov Mitchell didn’t come close to unseating incumbent Sen. Josh Stein, but the Krav Maga instructor and filmmaker said he was “not disheartened” by his vote total.

In a Facebook message to supporters Wednesday morning, Mitchell noted that District 16 was “drawn up to contain Hard Left constituents” and that Stein had significantly more campaign cash.

“When you take all of that into consideration, we never should have gotten more than 15-20 percent of the vote,” Mitchell wrote. “But we did get more. 33% of this ice blue district pulled the lever for bigger freedom and smaller government.”

Mitchell’s message didn’t say whether he’ll seek elected office again. “We did not win this time, but we have made our presence known,” he said. “Our future is bright. This is not the end.”

In his own post-election message, Stein was quick to highlight that he received two-thirds of the vote. “In the coming legislative session, and beyond, I will seek to restore balance and good sense to state government,” he wrote.