Under the Dome

Molotov Mitchell blames 'Che Guevara-loving socialists' for loss, joins Wake fitness council

Just a few weeks after his election loss, Republican N.C. Senate candidate Molotov Mitchell is already raising money for another campaign, and he’s been appointed to the Wake County Council on Physical Fitness.

Mitchell makes it clear that he’s not giving up. While he doesn’t say what office he might seek next, he encourages supporters to give “a recurring monthly amount of $20 or $30” to his campaign.

“Next time around, I’d like to start with at least 100k in the bank, so we can storm the beaches and hit the ground running,” he wrote.

On Monday, Wake County Commissioners unanimously appointed him to the Council on Physical Fitness.

“He’s big into physical fitness,” said outgoing chairman Phil Matthews, who nominated Mitchell, a Krav Maga defense instructor offering classes that include knife fighting. “We had always encouraged him to look at these boards. That worked out good for him. ... I’d hate to have to work out with him.”

Matthews said he was unfamiliar with a controversial video Mitchell made several years ago in which he voiced support for a Ugandan law that would execute homosexuals. Mitchell stressed during the campaign that he was merely supporting Ugandan sovereignty and doesn’t think gay people should be killed.

The same day he received the county appointment, Mitchell offered a colorful explanation this week about why he got only one-third of votes in District 16.

“Had we been in a district that hadn’t been drawn up to contain the most hardcore, Birkenstock-wearing, Che Guevara-loving socialists this side of Leningrad, we could have won, too,” he wrote in an email to supporters. “Even in our deep blue situation, we pulled over 20,000 votes, which is more than anyone expected.”

Mitchell doesn’t mention that Republican legislators drew the current boundaries of District 16, which include parts of Raleigh and Cary. By containing large numbers of registered Democrats in the districts represented by Sen. Josh Stein and Sen. Dan Blue, Republicans have a better shot at winning in Wake County’s other three state Senate districts.

In the email, Mitchell also touted comments from Wake County Democratic Party chairman Dan Blue III, who said that “the Wake County GOP’s future and its brand rests on the shoulders of Molotov Mitchell.”