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John Locke Foundation's John Hood to lead John William Pope Foundation

John Hood
John Hood John Hood

Longtime John Locke Foundation president John Hood is moving over to head the John William Pope Foundation.

Hood said he'll be promoting many of the same policies and programs in his new role. At the Pope Foundation, which provides grants to conservative causes and charities, Hood will succeed former state budget director and businessman Art Pope, who will continue to chair the organization's board.

He'll work with Art Pope's daughter Joyce, who serves as the Pope Foundation's vice president.

Hood will continue to work with the John Locke Foundation - the conservative think tank he helped start in 1990 - as its board chairman. The Locke Foundation has promoted its executive vice president, Kory Swanson, to fill Hood's position as president.

"I will have just as strong an interest as I had before in advancing policies and programs - be they public or private - that maximize economic opportunity and personal freedom for all," Hood said in a news release. "And as JLF chairman, I will naturally have a strong interest in seeing our organization continue to play a major role in identifying and promoting these beneficial policies and programs."

Hood says he also will continue to write his syndicated column and appear regularly as a TV commentator.