Under the Dome

Gov. Pat McCrory launches 2016 campaign website

Gov. Pat McCrory’s re-election campaign website went live on Tuesday, offering a preview of his 2016 message to voters.

The website, patmccrory.com, urges visitors to “Be part of the Carolina Comeback” by signing up for McCrory’s mailing list or making a donation to “start off the 2016 campaign season with a bang.”

It also features a slick 3-minute video in which the governor touts his accomplishments over soft guitar music and a montage of action photos. The images show the governor at Wingate University’s graduation ceremony, the Fayetteville Veterans Day parade and the Tobacco Growers Association. Last week, the N&O reported that photographers and videographers for various state agencies were being required to document various McCrory events. McCrory spokesman Josh Ellis said then that he “can’t control” how outside groups use the content.

“As a mayor for 14 years, I knew you had to take bold action, and you had to step on the toes of people who wanted to keep the status quo – whether they were in the Democratic or Republican party was irrelevant to me,” McCrory says in the video. “I had to break down the status quo and develop a long-term vision for North Carolina.”

The governor touts his efforts to reduce the state’s high unemployment rate and increase teacher salaries.

“Because of the tough decisions that we were willing to make, we’re the role model of job creation and job growth,” he said. “That’s the Carolina Comeback.”

Watch the video here: