Under the Dome

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest blames Common Core for schools getting Ds and Fs

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest said the Common Core curriculum is to blame for North Carolina schools’ poor grades in a new scoring system.

In an interview on talk radio WTKK in Raleigh, Forest – who serves on the State Board of Education – addressed concerns that many public schools will get a D or F when the scores are released in February. The A-to-F grading system for schools was instituted by legislators based on a model from the American Legislative Exchange Council, a conservative group backed by corporations.

Forest has been one of the state’s most outspoken critics of Common Core.

“When Common Core got implemented, it had a significant negative impact on the test scores,” he said Wednesday. “That’s impacting this grading system as well.

“You can say what you want about why those test scores are low – students aren’t as smart as we thought, the teachers aren’t prepared to teach Common Core, the tests themselves are flawed – whatever.”

Forest said the A-to-F grading system isn’t perfect, but he said public schools need to be evaluated regularly.

“l there’s a lot of complications in that when you grade on grades alone,” he said. “I believe that there does need to be some objective criteria as well as some subjective criteria as to how we grade the schools.”