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N.M. governor raises funds for McCrory amid HB2 furor

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez
New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez The Associated Press

It is front-page news in New Mexico today that Gov. Susana Martinez was in Charlotte on Thursday night helping raise money for North Carolina’s Gov. Pat McCrory.

Reporters from The New Mexican wanted to know if the visit signified tacit approval of House Bill 2, coming during a week of renewed controversy over the law, which limited discrimination protections for the LGBT community.

Martinez had been scheduled to deliver a speech at the N.C. Republican Party convention this spring, soon after HB2 was enacted and triggered widespread boycotts, but she canceled. That prompted speculation that she wanted to avoid the negative publicity roiling in North Carolina. A GOP representative in North Carolina said at the time it was a scheduling conflict.

The New Mexican reported on Friday that Martinez’s spokesmen didn’t return calls, texts or emails about her visit to Charlotte.

Earlier Thursday, McCrory made his first public appearance all week, amid reignited controversy over HB2 with the NCAA and ACC pulling championships out of the state. McCrory, who was at a Republican Governors Association convention in Boston during the week, told a business gathering in Charlotte that other governors support him.

“They said, ‘Are you kidding me?’” McCrory said.

Thursday night’s event was a Republican Governors Association fundraiser and was held in home not open to the public. Martinez is the current chairwoman of the organization.