Under the Dome

McCrory fundraising pitch addressed to 'Mrs. Kidd'

Campaign fundraising emails usually have a personal feel - software allows them to include the recipient's first name automatically.

A glitch at Gov. Pat McCrory's reelection campaign Friday caused supporters to wonder: Just who is Mrs. Kidd, and why is the governor appealing to her for money?

After two references in the fundraising email to the actual recipient, McCrory's letter gets a bit jarring.

"Mrs. Kidd, our efforts to unleash North Carolina's best asset - our people - is working and will lead to more than just recouping what was lost over the last few years," the letter says.

McCrory then offers some advice to the mysterious married woman: "The best step you can take today to help keep the North Carolina Comeback going is by clicking here to donate to The Pat McCrory Committee."