Under the Dome

NC Rep. Nelson Dollar loses Super Bowl bet, forced to praise Patriots

State Rep. Nelson Dollar, a Cary Republican, lost his Super Bowl bet and spent Monday afternoon praising the New England Patriots on the House floor.

Dollar had been betting on a Seattle Seahawks win with his son’s guidance counselor at Lufkin Road Middle School, Ron Perrin.

“Had the game gone the other way, Mr. Perrin would have been obligated to wear a Seattle Seahawks jersey at the middle school,” Dollar explained to his House colleagues.

But Perrin’s favorite team claimed a last-minute victory, and Dollar was forced to give a pro-Patriots speech. He opted to praise Patriot cornerback Malcolm Butler, who made the game-saving interception. He’d gone undrafted last year.

Butler’s role in the Super Bowl “proved that in America, that with hard work and determination, that you can rise from the very bottom to the very top of your profession,” Dollar said.