Under the Dome

PPP: McCrory lags in popularity but beats Cooper, Spaulding

Mid-way through his term, Gov. Pat McCrory's popularity remains so-so. But that's good enough to defeat either of his two known Democratic opponents in 2016, according to a Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday.

PPP says Republican McCrory's 41 percent approval rating, with 45 percent disapproving of the job he's done, is the 19th poll in a row where his numbers have been under water. When matched against Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper, McCrory leads 44 to 39 percentage points.

In what's something of a victory for Durham attorney and former state legislator Ken Spaulding, McCrory leads Spaulding by about the same margin: 44-34 percentage point.

PPP's Tom Jensen says neither Democrat has strong name recognition, including the longtime attorney general: 57 percent know Cooper and 28 percent know Spaulding. That translates to more undecided Democrats, PPP says.

Voters will be hearing more about the candidates, who are building up their campaign war chests. McCrory reports raising $554,0000 with nearly $1.6 million total. Cooper has raised $310,000 with about $100,000 less cash on hand than the governor.

Spauling has raised $8,900 with $61,000 cash on hand.