Under the Dome

Gov. McCrory speaks, and others react

Gov. Pat McCrory’s State of the State address lasted about 80 minutes before a joint session of the legislature.

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McCrory said:

Others reacted.

House Democratic leader Larry Hall:“We need to make sure our children are given the tools to compete in the 21st century and that is something Gov. McCrory and the Republican legislature have simply failed to do. Gov. McCrory often brags about an economic comeback. But when it comes to the middle-class, all we’ve seen is rhetoric.”

Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Martin:“I thought the governor had a very positive message for the people... I’m very supportive of his proposals to expand the veterans treatment course.”

Gerrick Brenner, executive director, Progress NC Action:“The governor offered more description of a broken fountain on the Capitol grounds in Raleigh than he did the condition of our dwindling textbooks or any classrooms in our public schools.”

GOP chairman Claude Pope:“I applaud Governor McCrory for his hard work the past two years that has brought North Carolina’s unemployment rate down to 5.5% from 8.8%, added over 200,000 jobs and has lowered taxes on North Carolina individuals, families and small businesses.”

Senate leader Phil Berger:“We appreciate Gov. McCrory’s leadership and thank for him sharing his vision for continuing to move North Carolina forward. Senate Republicans look forward to reviewing and considering the details of his proposals in the coming weeks. The policies we’ve partnered on over the past two years to improve our economy and public education system have paid major dividends, and we expect a productive session of working together.” Video of Berger is below.

House speaker Tim Moore: “It was a pleasure to have Governor McCrory in our House chamber to address a joint session this evening. I strongly respect his dedication to our great State, and share his passion for wanting to make North Carolina stronger than ever. I look forward to working toward that common goal this session.”

Rep. David Lewis, Republican from Johnston County: “I strongly support making sure we’ve gotten every efficiency we can out of the existing departments before we pledge the good faith and credit of the state on the bonds.”

Rep. Rodney Moore, Democrat of Mecklenburg County:“It was a good emotional speech but I think we needed to hear more detail about how we plan to start to create those jobs and start to move North Carolina forward in a positive direction for all of us.”

Sen. Josh Stein, Democrat of Raleigh:“Gov. McCrory devoted minutes of (State of the State) infrastructure discussion to fountains. I wish he had addressed broadband.”

Senate Democratic leader Dan Blue: “While Governor McCrory made some good points on infrastructure and other issues this evening, the fact remains that we must focus this long session on redeveloping and holding up the middle class... We cannot stand around while the middle class, the backbone of our entire economy, struggles to survive.”

Ken Fortenberry, libertarian who plans to run for governor:“I nearly fell asleep ... tonight as he used the same worn-out platitudes that governors of both major political parties have used for years. More than an hour into his speech, I was still waiting for him talk about the critical need to reduce the size of our bloated state government and to protect the ever-declining freedoms of our citizens.”

Rob Schofield, director of research at N.C. Policy Watch: “Strange that when DOT creates jobs with public (money) it’s a good thing and when HHS does so it’s socialism.”

NC Metropolitan Mayors Coalition Chair Huntersville Mayor Jill Swain: “Kudos to our Governor for standing up for historic tax credits. The Metro Mayors Coalition is proud to stand behind Governor McCrory on this issue and we greatly appreciate his leadership.”