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Complete coverage of Gov. Pat McCrory’s State of the State address

Gov. Pat McCrory gave an 80-minute speech Wednesday to a joint session of the state legislature. The speech touched on a broad range of topics and kicks off the substantial part of the lawmaking session, which will last into summer.

Here is a compilation of the News & Observer’s team coverage, reported and produced by Craig Jarvis, Colin Campbell, Lindsey Brunson, J. Andrew Curliss and Jim Morrill of the Charlotte Observer. (Click on headlines for links to fuller content.)

Article: Gov. McCrory outlines his vision

N&O: Mid-way through his first term, Gov. Pat McCrory presented his goals for a more prosperous North Carolina in his State of the State address on Wednesday night.

Creating jobs and raising both expectations and rewards for educators, while explaining how to pay for his ambitious transportation improvements across the state were among his announced plans.

For the most part the ideas were not new, but the governor provided details on programs that he has previously promoted.

In broad strokes, he said there were five guiding principles in his message: creating jobs, ensuring people have the education they need to be productive citizens, connecting small towns with urban centers through roads and technology, improving health and safety, and cutting government inefficiencies.

Transcript: Full text of McCrory’s speech as prepared for delivery

McCrory: “I’m proud to report the State of North Carolina has come back even stronger. Its people are resilient, and our future is bright.

“Our unemployment rate, which was the fifth highest in the nation just two years ago, has dropped substantially – the second sharpest drop in the United States. Our economy is improving; cranes are returning to our skylines; and real estate is emerging stronger. And yes, the Made in North Carolina brand is returning as our factories are expanding.”

The governor’s office summarized the speech’s priorities in a separate document, available by clicking here.

Reaction: McCrory speaks, others react

N&O: A range of people have reacted to the governor’s speech, including Senate leader Phil Berger, House Speaker Tim Moore, and Democratic leaders. Also reacting was a libertarian candidate for governor, who said the speech put him to sleep.

Below is video of Berger immediately after the speech.

In advance: analysis and other coverage

Christensen: McCrory’s must thread a political needle

Video: Lawmakers, advocates express hopes for speech

State of the State is because of the N.C. Constitution