Under the Dome

US Senate candidates keep raising cash amid government shutdown

Even as other politicians cancel political fundraisers amid the government shutdown, North Carolina’s U.S. Senate candidates are raising mounds of campaign cash.

Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan attended a fundraiser hostd by the Realtors PAC on Tuesday morning and Republican Thom Tillis attended an event sponsored by Karl Rove’s political action committee a week earlier.

Likewise, another Republican primary candidate, Mark Harris, is not slowing his fundraising operation. All three camps say they need to keep raising money to mount a successful campaign, disregarding the juxtaposition of 800,000 federal employees not getting paid amid the shutdown.

Hagan spokeswoman Sadie Weiner said the campaign has canceled “several” fundraisers because they conflicted with the Senate schedule, but it is not putting a hold on all fundraising activities. The Realtors fundraiser occurred before the Senate gaveled into session, Weiner said. The detail is designed as a slight against Tillis, who missed House floor votes earlier this year to raise money for his campaign.

“Senator Hagan continues to urge her colleagues in the House to end this irresponsible shutdown by taking up the continuing resolution that funds the government at reduced spending levels,” Weiner said in a statement. “She has been fully engaged in that discussion, attending meetings with her colleagues and speaking and casting votes on the Senate floor.”

Tillis’ campaign has no Washington fundraisers schedule at the moment but it is still raising money. “It gives us an opportunity to have conversation with supporters that compare Thom Tillis’ record of problem-solving against Sen. Hagan’s record of problem-ignoring,” said campaign manager Jordan Shaw. “Those conversations will continue.”

Mike Rusher, a spokesman for Harris, a Charlotte pastor, said it’s a reality of a campaign to unseat an incumbent with a large campaign war chest.

A spokesman for Republican Greg Brannon did not immediately return a message seeking comment.