Under the Dome

Conservation league awards record zeros to lawmakers

This past session of the General Assembly hit a record low on the N.C. League of Conservation Voters’ annual environmental scorecard.

The League reports that it had awarded 48 zero scores since 1999. But 82 lawmakers achieved that goal in this session alone, amounting to nearly half of the legislature. The organization also gave the governor a score for the first time: Gov. Pat McCrory achieved a D-minus, for the bills he signed into law, his public comments and other actions he has taken since becoming governor.

The League gave 27 lawmakers perfect 100 scores. The split is mostly predictable along party lines, with a few Republicans scoring more favorably than zero and a handful of Democrats scoring less than perfect.

The scores were based on how legislators voted on bills that removed environmental protections, as well as the GOP’s zeal to eliminate as many regulations as possible and to restructure key oversight boards and commissions.

Their results are similar to the scores given out in September by Environment North Carolina, which gave 112 lawmakers failing grades.