Under the Dome

Jones becomes first NC Republican to call for House vote on CR

Rep. Walter Jones of Farmville is the first North Carolina Republican to call for a re-opening of the federal government without any strings attached.

"I wish we would pass a clean CR,'' Jones, referring to a continuing resolution, told MSNBC.com. "People are beginning back home to feel it. It might be imaginary, but they feel it.''

Jones cited a a car dealer back in his home district who told him he hadn't had a customer in six days.

"He's saying people are just beginning now to get concerned if y'all are going to be able to fix it or not," Jones said. "He said (the shut down)does impact people. Maybe they don't work for the federal government, but it's all beginning to become a psychological issue now.''

In July, Jones signed a letter written Rep. Mark Meadows to House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor pressing them to "defund one of the largest grievances in our time.'' He was referring to the Affordable Care Act.

But Jones has now changed from taking the position of the most conservative element to one favored by Democrats and some moderate Republicans.

But Jones is backing conservative Republicans in refusing to support a clean debt-ceiling increase, which Democrats say would damage the economy if not passed.

"You hear that every year that it comes up,'' Jones said. "I know there is a price to pay, and I don't know what that price is. But I don't know how a nation continues to borrow money from foreign governments to pay its bills unless you just stop spending.'' Jones said he hadn't voted for a debt-ceiling increase since 1997.