Under the Dome

Group opposes Cooper’s appearance at LGBT event

The N.C. Family Policy Council is organizing opposition to Attorney General Roy Cooper delivering the keynote address at a gay-rights organization gala next month.

The council is urging people to call Cooper’s office to let him know they oppose his appearance at Equality N.C.’s event on Nov. 9. Equality N.C. praised Cooper for his support of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights, and his outspoken opposition to the same-sex marriage ban that voters overwhelmingly made part of the state constitution last year.

As attorney general, Cooper is the lead defendant in a lawsuit that challenges the state’s ban on second-parent adoptions (when one partner in an unmarried couple adopts the other’s child, regardless of the sex of the couple). The ACLU is using the lawsuit to try to overturn the marriage amendment.

“So why is our attorney general, who is charged with defending the laws of our state, and who is the lead defendant in a lawsuit that is seeking to overturn the definition of marriage in North Carolina ... participating as the keynote speaker for a group that has such an explicitly expressed and vested interest in redefining marriage in North Carolina?” Family Policy Council executive director John Rustin wrote in a commentary released Friday.

Cooper has said he has a duty to defend the state, regardless of his personal opinions. But some say he has gone too far in expressing his opposition to the constitutional amendment, particularly since he is a likely candidate for governor.