Under the Dome

Jones pressured to give up salary during shut down

Two advocacy groups have been putting some heat on Republican Rep. Walter Jones for not agreeing to forfeit his pay during the government shut down.

ProgressNC Action and Protect Your Care showed at Jones' district office with a petition of 15,000 signatures and life-size cardboard cut out of Jones on Thursday, urging him to forgo his salary.

Jones' office said he received his last paycheck before the shutdown and wouldn't receive his next one until the end of October, so he was waiting to see if the shut down lasted that long.

The groups had given the same treatment to Rep. Howard Coble, who agreed to give up his pay.

"Now, we need to get Rep. Walter Jones to surrender his pay because Congress should feel at least some of the pain they are inflicting on the rest of the nation," the groups said in an email to supporters urging them to call Jones' office.