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Cooper says GOP has turned NC into a playground of ‘extremist fantasies’

N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper
N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper newsobserver.com

UPDATED to include GOP response.

NC Attorney General Roy Cooper is sounding more and more like a Democratic candidate for governor in 2016. In an opinion article for The Huffington Post, he compares the leadership of former Democratic Gov. Terry Sanford with the “extremist fantasies” of the current GOP legislature.”

To read the full piece go here. Here is a sample:

“From Terry Sanford’s vision, and the work of progressive leaders such as Governor Jim Hunt, grew a renowned public university system, acclaimed early childhood education, a vibrant high-tech economy, a national center of finance, a world-class tourism destination and a reputation for innovation that attracted waves of new residents and businesses large and small. ...

“But historical periods have a habit of both ending and repeating themselves. Today, the emphasis on economic growth, public education and innovative change that has distinguished North Carolina for fifty years has reached a sudden end. For the first time since Reconstruction, North Carolina has a General Assembly and governorship controlled by the extreme factions of the Republican Party, and their legislative super majority means their power is unchecked. In ten short months, they have set out to deliberately and systematically undo fifty years of progress. It’s as if the Tea Party created its own playground of extremist fantasies.

“Tax giveaways for the top 1 percent instead of real tax breaks for working North Carolina families. An end to childcare tax credits. Election law changes that make it harder for North Carolinians to register and vote. Overcrowded classrooms for public school teachers and layoffs for teacher assistants to fund private school voucher programs. University and community college funding slashed, leading to an exodus of talented faculty. A gutting of unemployment benefits when our economy is barely getting back on its feet. And a refusal to accept federal Medicaid dollars that would expand healthcare for working people, as well as for seniors in nursing homes and assisted living.”

Cooper’s article immediately attracted attention from the NC Republican Party which responded with an email to media outlets calling the article a “left-wing diatribe” and said it was Cooper’s “official launch for an election more than three years away.”

Roy Cooper has given up on his job as Attorney General and is now fully devoting his energy to winning the Democrat primary on the taxpayer’s dime by taking up far-left positions and convincing the fringe of his party that he’s a diehard liberal,” North Claude Pope, the NC GOP’s party chairman, said in the statement.

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